I strongly believe that there's a reality beneath the surface of what we see. And reality is an inadequate word since there seems to be not one reality but a multitude of realities, as if every one of us can create an own reality from this quantum-soup that we live in.
It means we create not only our own world, we also create our own role. And the people around us believe in what we believe. As Tom Waits said, when asked how a guy with a voice like that became a singer: it was a choice between entertainment or a career in airconditioning and refrigerating.
My work is an invitation to you all to try and get a glimpse of this soup that we reconstruct into a steady and controlled image.
It is also an invitation to think about how you can dream up your own reality. Maybe you are a singer, if you want to. Maybe I am worldfamous. Sometimes I think: did I really have a show at the Bienale of Venice? Or was it all a dream?
And then again: who cares?